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I'm Struggling to Keep My Lights on After Losing Work Due to Two Deaths in My Family! Please Help!

My Story:

I am a first-generation student at the University of Iowa. I am working towards my BA in Criminology, a minor in Social Work, and a certificate in resilience and trauma-informed perspectives. I have four fur-babies who have saved my life. I suffer from depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder. I started therapy last summer, and it has been very helpful. As a person of color with mental health issues, I have faced a lot of hardship, but it has also fostered a passion within me to help others. I'm a part-time direct support professional with a nonprofit called Systems Unlimited. I provide natural support and supervision to a group of three men who are all on the autism spectrum and/or have IDD and behavioral issues, and I'm very passionate about the work that I do.

I live paycheck to paycheck, and I have no savings set aside for emergencies. That is why I am currently experiencing financial hardship. At the end of September and mid-October, I had two family members die. I wasn't able to go home to Texas for the first death, that being my uncle on my mother's side. The second death was my cousin/God-sister who was murdered. I did what I could to go to California for her funeral, but that has had a sever impact on my financial situation. I was able to cover my rent and my car payment, but that came at the expense of my utility bill, and I need help catching up.

I'm currently on unpaid FMLA, but I'll be returning to work very soon. However, until then, I don't have the means to catch up on my utility bill, and I need help if I'm going to keep my services on. I would be very appreciative of this assistance with my utility bill, as it will allow me to focus on my schoolwork and my duties at my job. I'll be in a much better position when I graduate this summer, and I promise to pay it forward when I am. Thank you.

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