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I Was Laid-off After a Mental Health Leave. Please Help Us Keep Our Car!

My Story:

I am a single mom of two amazing, caring, and lovable daughters. My oldest daughter is 23 years old and is a wonderful mom of my three beautiful, smart and energetic grandbabies. They have a place of their own but are always close by. My youngest daughter is 11 years old and thinks she's my mom. People usually say she has an old soul, as she's very calm, thoughtful, loving, and selfless. My girls are the most amazing kids on the planet (besides my grandbabies). As for myself, I work fulltime, and I've been with my job for almost 10 years. In addition to my job, I am a full-time student.

I have had to put my schooling on hold after I was placed on indefinite leave from my job. Originally, I was on a mental health leave from my job after the untimely passing of my niece in a horrific car accident, which also came very shortly after the passing of my mom. I've still been trying to recover from both of their passings, and that's been tough. Eventually, I was able to return to my job; however, shortly after that, me and approximately 200 of my fellow employees were subjected to an indefinite lay-off. Since then, I've had to sacrifice some of my bills to cover others, and now, we're in a bad position financially.

I'm very far behind on our car payment, and now, we're very close to having our only vehicle repossessed. Since being laid-off, I've been able to return to work, but I have been reassigned to a different facility, and it's over 80 miles away. With our car being our only source of transportation, it's really important that I hold on to it so that I can keep my job. We're struggling now, but with this help, I'll be able to get back on track and focus on my job, my schooling, and on being the best mother that I can be to my two daughters. For that, I would be very grateful.

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