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Please Help Us Keep Our Son in Therapy! We Need Help Meeting His Insurance Deductible.

My Story:

I'm a married stay-at-home mom. I am staying home to take care of my 2-year-old autistic son. He's a joy to be around, and we love him with all our hearts. Our days are busy with ABA, speech and occupational therapy, but it's all worth it because he's making a lot of progress. We are working hard to give him the best quality of life in the future.

I had to quit my teaching job to take care of my autistic son. I drive him to therapy 30 minutes back and forth every day. Taking him to his therapy every day is a full-time job. Due to quitting my job, my husband bears all the financial burdens on his own. He works a lot of overtime, and it's still not enough. We live paycheck to paycheck due to all the medical expenses. We had to get a second insurance plan since our main insurance doesn't cover all the therapies our son needs.

We're struggling to cover this second insurance policy, and until we meet the deductible, we can't afford all of our son's therapy. Our son has been making so much progress with his therapy, so we're very humbly asking for assistance with this deductible so that we can keep him in his therapy program. I can't even begin to express how grateful we would be for this assistance with keeping our son in therapy. Truly, your support will have a huge and long-lasting impact on his life. Early intervention in autism is crucial and life changing, so this support will be felt by our family for many years to come. Thank you.

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