Paid 01/03/2023
Imminent Loss of Housing
Military Veteran
Animal / Pet Care

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeThank you so much for all your generous donations. We were in a very tough situation with, not only my husbands injuries, but now my daughter and dog had emergencies. With it being Christmas time and both of my kids birthdays, everything was weighing really heavy on our family. Because of your help, we will be able to breathe and relieve some financial stress. My dog may be able to get his last treatment that he needs to get healthy. I cannot thank you enough, it is very much appreciated.

I'm a Veteran, & My Family Is Fighting to Keep our Home After Two Major Expenses Set Us Back!

My Story:

I am a married father of two kids, and I'm a veteran. I was in the 82nd Airborne Division and was sent overseas in the wake of 9/11 twenty years ago. During my tours of duty, I was hit in the leg to the point where I lost my left leg, I shattered both bones in both arms, I suffer from PTSD, memory, and hearing loss, as well as a litany of other physical ailments. I eventually left the service in 2006 and have been working hard for my family sense then.

Recently, our daughter had to have emergency throat surgery, costing us over $1000.00 in copays. On top of that, our family dog (which is my therapy dog), is very sick. We spent over $1500.00 to find the cause of the problem, and he still needs to get another treatment, which we cannot afford alongside our other bills at this given time. With the way the prices have risen, we can now only afford our basic expenses, and we're living on a very tight budget. Now, because of those two major unexpected expenses, we're having a hard time getting by, and we're going to be short on both our mortgage and electric bills this month.

We are a month behind on our mortgage and electric bill because I had to make the choice to get my daughter and dog healthy again because that was my main priority. As a result, I'm worried that we're going to continue to remain behind on both of these bills because we don't have the extra income to catch up. If we continue to remain behind on our mortgage, we'll lose our home, and the same goes for our electric bill and our service. However, if we get help with these two bills, we'll be able to get back on track, and we can stay on track going forward. This would be a tremendous boost to our family, and for that, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you all for this very generous assistance.

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