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We're Struggling to Keep Our Utilities On After a Series of Medical Issues My Son & I Have Faced!

My Story:

I am a married mother of two with one adopted son who is just starting college, and we also have a surprise almost 2-year-old. I work full-time while also going to school and am trying to finish my degree to better our lives. My husband works 2 hours away from home (one-way), sacrificing time with his family to try to provide the most income offered to him. My youngest had many setbacks at birth but continues to provide joy, and he makes progress every day. My eldest who was adopted as a teen is trying to go to college and break the cycle of poverty that he was brought up in. We love each other very much and enjoy spending time together.

In January of 2021, our miracle baby faced a lot of difficulties at birth. After 50-plus hours of labor, I needed an emergency C-Section to bring him into this world. He was then rushed to the nearest NICU where he was promptly put into a coma for 72 hours and then stayed for a week. After that, the C-Section I had led to an infection, and I had to be hospitalized. Since then, we've had even more medical issues to deal with, and most recently, I haven't been able to work after breaking my foot. We're still paying for special therapies and treatments for our youngest, and right now, we're having a hard time keeping up with our utility bill.

With the winter approaching and nothing in savings to fall back on, I'm very humbly asking for assistance with covering this utility bill so that we can remain safe in our home. This assistance would bring our most important bill current, and hopefully, I'll be returning to work soon so that we can continue to remain stable. This will be the much-needed financial break that we've sought for years now, and it would do so much to keep us going.

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