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A Series of Vehicle Repairs & Missed Paychecks Have Us Behind on Our Rent! Please Help!

My Story:

I am a separated mother of two amazing little boys from a small town in South Carolina. My oldest son will turn 8 years old next month and loves art, nature, and swimming. My youngest son just turned 6 years old, and he loves animals, enjoys playing basketball, and also loves swimming. We have two pet hamsters that are named Hammy and Dora. I am a paramedic that works for EMS in our local county, and I spent around 7 years working as one on an ambulance. I now work on their community outreach team that is trying to help lead folks to recover from addiction. My children's father is a firefighter and paramedic for our local military base. He and I will soon be officially divorced.

I was home with my children during most of the COVID pandemic because my old job wasn't considered essential and because my children were out of school. Then, I separated from my husband in May of 2021. It took me a long time to find a full-time job position that still allowed me to be the primary caregiver for our children. I juggled many part-time jobs until being rehired with EMS for this community outreach team. I was set to start in November of 2021, but I was not able to start until January of 2022. There was a delay in my start date due to a COVID issue. I had to continue juggling part-time jobs, which were not making ends meet and constantly keeping my bank account overdrawn. I got behind on credit card payments which have impacted my credit. My SUV that was paid for broke down, and I had to replace the starter. A few months later my transmission began to malfunction, so I decided to purchase a different vehicle, all of which was unexpected and terrible timing for my situation. All of this has added up over the past few months, and now I'm struggling to cover our rent for this month.

I've tried everything to keep up with our rent, but nothing has worked so far. I have applied for a personal loan but was denied due to the past due credit card payments I cannot keep up with. I have sold as many things in my home that I can live without for cash. I have begged my apartment complex to work with me or give me some flexibility, but they are unable to. I am terrified of being homeless with my two children, so I'm asking for assistance with keeping our home. We have nowhere to go if we lose our home. As a mother, I would be eternally grateful for this much-needed support, and I promise we will never forget this.

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