Paid 02/21/2023
Unsupported Single Parent
Medical Emergency
Imminent Loss of Utilities

Fully Funded

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This person has left the following thank you note:

My family and I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation. We are so appreciative of the help that everyone of you donated to assist my family in our time of need. I know it is difficult for everyone around the world and to receive this generous donation shows that there is still good, kind-hearted humans in this world. Thank you very much from my family to yours. God Bless you for all that you do.

After Paying for a Medical Procedure Out of Pocket, We Need Help Keeping Our Lights on!

My Story:

I am a single mother of five children. I still have two that reside with me. My 14-year-old daughter loves make-up and trying new looks, especially during Halloween. She is kind and helps me out a lot around the house and with her little brother. She is also a good student and is in her first year of high school. My son is 10 years old and very energetic. He loves playing football in our community and works really hard at it. I have worked full-time as a mail carrier for the past 7 years to provide for my children.

While I'm pretty good at making the rent every month, last month our rent was raised by about 200 dollars. Prior to that, we had also been struggling financially due to some medical issues that I was having. My medical provider refused to cover the procedure that I needed to have done, and so I had to pay for all of it out of pocket. It was simply not something we could afford, and I've had to sacrifice our other bills as a result.

Specifically, we're having a hard time keeping up with our electric bill, and we need help before we lose our service. After covering my medical bill out of pocket, we can't afford to catch up on our electric bill. I'm trying everything to catch up, and I'm applying for other part-time jobs, but we're going to have our power shut-off before I can start working an extra job. With that said, I'm very humbly asking for help with our electric bill before we have our power shut off. This help would be a tremendous boost to my family, and it will keep our lights and power on through the holidays. Thank you all in advance for this support.

As of 2023-02-21, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.

Application Status Update: On 2023-03-02, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $904.30 to San Diego Gas & Electric on behalf of this deserving individual.