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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeMy family would like to thank you on behalf of the Ukrainian family we are helping. the coming days will be uncertain for this family but to have a warm, clean and safe home to rest and consider the future in will be foundational to beginning their new life. new bedding will provide the center piece of the safe and secure space that will be heir home and c an move on with them if their home needs to be closer to jobs, schools, doctors or community(all unknowns at this point). Thank you very much to the generous people who have now given the opportunity for this family to travel here immediately. the travel application approvals for the children were delayed until just on e week ago. The validation process for children is long, strict and tedious due to the predatory animals in the world that would use situations like this to harm children. thank you for providing them warm, safe, clean bedding in thier new home.

We're Sponsoring a Refugee Family Through Uniting for Ukraine & Need Help Getting Them Mattresses!

My Story:

My wife and I have been married for 27 years. We are happy raising our four daughters together. I am a full-time consultant in the restaurant industry, and I am a logistics warrant officer in the United States Army National Guard. I was an active-duty combat infantry paratrooper before joining the national guard. After my last combat deployment, I came home and talked to my wife, and we made the decision that we wanted to assist people caught in war. My wife's family came to America after fleeing the war in Bosnia. So, we became registered sponsors in the US Customs and Immigration Service's 'United for Ukraine' program that exists to assist refugees fleeing from the war. We were paired with a family of five: a husband, a wife, an 8-year-old, a 5-year-old, and an 18-month-old. Up until recently, we were not certain that their application would be approved and even thought that they might not be able to come. Thankfully, on November 1st, their application was approved, and now they will be able to travel here under refugee status.

My wife and I earn enough to cover all of our expenses from month to month, and we are confident that we'll be able to keep doing so once our refugee family arrives from Ukraine as well. However, in the short term, we are trying to do our best to prepare for their arrival, and now that they'll be coming sooner than expected, we're under pressure to make sure things are ready for them. Right now, our biggest concern is with giving them ample accommodation for sleeping, and so my wife and I need to purchase some mattresses for them. While we can afford this expense, we're worried that it could put us in some dangerous territory financially. So in an effort to remain financially stable, we're asking for assistance with purchasing some mattresses that the refugee family we're sponsoring will use to sleep on while they're here.

My wife and I would be very grateful for this assistance, and I know the family we're sponsoring would be too. The experience of fleeing a war is a harrowing one, to say the absolute least, and so my wife and I want to do our best to ensure that the family we're sponsoring is as comfortable as possible in America. The sooner that they're able to get settled in and comfortable, the sooner we'll be able to help them find jobs and a home of their own. Thanks to this assistance we would be able to give this family a place to heal and a path for them to take towards a life of stability and peace.

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