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After Losing My Job, I Need Help Keeping My Home Until I can Get Back to Work Please!

My Story:

I'm a single woman, and I'm 45 years old and live on my own. When I'm not working, I love to sing, but most of all, I love to go to church. I'm very involved with my church community, and I love staying active and helping out where I can. As for work, I work full-time and do construction.

Most months, I'm able to handle my expenses without too much difficulty. However, I've been out of work since September after I lost my last job. When I was laid-off, I didn't have any advanced notice, and I didn't have much of a savings built up either, as most of my paycheck just goes straight to my bills. As a result, I started to fall behind on all of my bills, and even though I'm working again, I can't seem to get fully caught up. I'm having a hard time getting caught up on my rent, and my landlord is already threatening me with eviction if I can't get caught up.

I'm very humbly asking for assistance with my rent, as without it, I will almost certainly lose my home. If that happens, I'll have nowhere to go but shelter, and I'll have to quit my job too. I'm not sure if I could ever recover from something like that, so it would be a tremendous relief to receive this assistance. If I'm granted this very generous support, then I promise that I will pay it forward as soon as I'm able. May God bless you all, and thank you in advance to everyone who lends me a hand up and out of this situation.

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