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I'm Finally Working at My Dream Job, but Some Much-Needed Car Repairs Could Cost Me My Job!

My Story:

I am a divorced father of a 19-year-old young lady, my daughter Maya, who is in her second year at Marist College. I rent a room in my friend's house. I haven't been able to find work in town and found a temporary job driving a truck for a compost company about an hour away from where I live. I am an actor, and before the pandemic, I was really starting to make some progress in my career. In 2020, as you probably guessed, that all changed, and I finally found the truck driving job in November of 2020. It took me a while to climb out of the financial hole I was in, but I never really fully recovered financially.

I managed to scrape by and pay all my bills with very little left over. All this while I was longing to be back on stage or in front of the camera lens. I truly felt the sadness of not doing the thing that I love the most. Early every morning I would make the hour-long drive to work and bounce around in that truck all day, driving to Hoboken twice a week, and getting home late and exhausted with no time or opportunities to perform or do any other creative pursuits. Finally, in June of this year, that all changed when I was offered a paid position at the Shadowland Stages, a small performing arts company. This is a huge opportunity for me, and I'm so excited to be back doing what I love. However, driving all over the place has put a lot of wear and tear on my vehicle, and it needs repairs.

I'm very humbly asking for assistance with repairing my vehicle so that I can continue to get back and forth from my dream job. It took so long, but I feel like I'm finally back on my feet again, and this assistance would sure up all of the progress that I've made. This assistance would mean the world to me, and it would do so much to secure mine and my daughter's long-term future. Thank you all in advance for this very generous assistance with these repairs, and I promise that I will find a way to pay it forward.

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