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Military Veteran
Imminent Loss of Housing
Misc. Expense

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This person has left the following thank you note:

I will like to say thank you so much! You guys are awesome and without you I have no clue what I would've done. Where other doors have closed for me and my family, you opened your's with welcome arms. For that I am forever grateful and plan to pay it forward in the future for families like mine that are in need of help.During this trying time I felt like giving up but you and the donors who helped have change my outlook on things. I cannot say thank you enough! May God bless you all!!!

Due to Violence in Our Neighborhood, I Had to Abruptly Move My Family! Please Help.

My Story:

I am a veteran and a single father of five. Three of my children live outside of the household, and two of them are currently still living with me. Currently I'm not working because I've been deemed unemployable by the VA due to service-related health issues. As a result, my family and I are surviving solely on the income that I receive from the VA. While it's enough to cover our bills from month to month, we don't have any way of dealing with unexpected expenses.

Right now, I'm in the process of moving my family across town because our car and home was recently riddled with bullets after a few guys decided to have a shootout in front of our home. As a father, I decided then and there that this was no place to raise a family. We just finished moving, but the cost of moving and the rent that we're paying now are both a lot higher than I expected them to be, so I'm having a hard time adjusting while living on the fixed income that I get from the VA. Along with that, I have been helping my mom who is fighting breast cancer by taking her to her appointments, getting her medication, and by just being there for her. It's been hard on me and my family both financially and emotionally, but we're doing our best to get through it. However, right now, after moving and while assisting my mother, I'm stuck behind on our rent and am playing catch up almost every month. We haven't been in our new home for very long, and our landlord is starting to lose patience with us. I'm worried that if we can't catch up soon, we'll be evicted.

I'm very humbly seeking assistance with a month of our rent because I'm afraid that if we can't catch up on the month that we owe, then we'll be evicted with nowhere to go for shelter. We've already been forced to move once because it wasn't a safe place for my kids, and we don't want to lose the place we have now. With that said, we would be very grateful for this assistance, and I promise to repay the generosity we're shown when we're caught up again. Thank you all for taking the time to consider our story.

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