Paid 10/18/2022
Temporary Loss of Income
Death in Family
Imminent Loss of Housing

Fully Funded

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This person has left the following thank you note:

I am so thankful for your generous donations. You didn�t have to but you did. My boys and I can�t thank you enough. It�s been hard but we continue to push forward and fight. There is light at the end of each tunnel. Keep being a blessing. It�s really some generous, nonjudgmental people in this world and that yet alone I thank you.

My Family Tragically Lost My Father to Cancer. Please Help Us Keep Our Home.

My Story:

I'm a single mother with two sons at home. My oldest is about to be 16 years old, and he's a good student and a very responsible young man. He helps me take care of his 9-year-old little brother when I'm at work. I work very hard to provide for my sons, and most days, I work at least a 10-hour shift. Despite how much and how hard I work, we definitely live from check to check and don't have much to put away in case of an emergency or an unexpected hardship.

Right now, my family is dealing with the tragic loss of my my father. Earlier this year, he was diagnosed with brain, stomach, lung, and kidney cancer. Unfortunately, his condition worsened as the cancer developed rapidly, and he lost his battle with cancer in June. I was caring for him throughout his battle, and I had to take a lot of days of off work to be with him and to get him to and from his appointments. Then, when he passed, I took more time off of work to grieve his loss. All of the time that I took off was unpaid, so I started to fall behind on a lot of our bills, and now we're a month behind on our mortgage.

Even though I'm working consistently again, I'm worried because I can't get caught up on our mortgage. I'm afraid that my children and I are going to lose the place that we've always called home, so I'm seeking urgent assistance with our mortgage. Being able to get caught up would finally put us back on track after this tragic loss, and that's something we'll never forget. It's been a difficult past few months for us, but this act of generosity would bring us some much-needed hope. Thank you all in advance for this assistance with our mortgage.

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