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We're an Older Couple Struggling with a Breast Cancer Diagnosis. Please Help With Our Car Payment!

My Story:

My wife and I live by ourselves. At our age, we shouldn't be working any more, but I'm 68 and disabled, and my wife works to help with bills and medical expenses we would be able to cover without her extra income.

Not too long ago, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to miss a few weeks of work during treatment and wasn't paid. Now, we're behind on all of our bills, but the most important is our car payment. If we can't pay that soon, we'll lose the car, my wife won't be able to work, and we'll end up homeless and without medical care.

I hate to ask for help but we don't have any family or friends, and we're desperate. Please help us pay our past due car payments so we can help ourselves to pay the rest of our past due bills. This little bit of help would change my life and save my wife's. Thank you.

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