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After Taking Time Off to Care For My Sick Mother, We Need Help Getting Our Gas Turned Back On!

My Story:

I am a married mother, and my husband I have a wonderful daughter together. She's grown up and living outside of the home now, and se just recently gave us a granddaughter who we treasure very dearly. I work in administration for a large trucking company, and my husband works for the city. Most of the time, we're able to get by living from paycheck to paycheck, but both of my parents were diagnosed with late stage cancer, so while caring for them, we've been struggling to work and keep up with our bills.

In January of this year, my mom was life-flighted to Iowa City where she was found to be bleeding internally. She was sent home after receiving 20 bags of blood and after receiving a stage 3 cancer diagnosis. Through the next several months, she had several surgeries and hospital stays. During that time, my dad was also completely disabled after being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer that spread through his whole body. He unfortunately lost his battle this summer. I exhausted all my leave taking care of them and running them to and from appointments. My last check wasn't enough to cover any of our bills. So, I have exhausted all my savings while staying in hotels and traveling 5 hours each way for my mom's hospital stays and appointments. Thankfully, she only has one more treatment left, and she's doing very well, so we're hopeful that we can get back on our feet soon. However, until then, we need help catching up on one of the bills we've been sacrificing for months, our gas bill.

Our gas has already been shut-off due to non-payment, and we're really struggling as a result. We're not able to cook anything, but more importantly, we can't use our furnace. The temperature is already starting to break a little, and if we can't get it turned back on soon, I'm not sure what we'll be able to do other than check in to a hotel to stay warm. However, if we're able to get our gas turned back on, we'll be able to stay in our home and continue to assist my mother. We would feel very humbled and blessed to receive assistance with this bill, and we pray that God blesses everyone who lends us a helping hand.

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