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I'm a Recently Discharged Vet & Need Help Keeping My Home After Losing My Savings to a Zelle Scam!

My Story:

I am a medically retired U.S. Navy veteran, and I was honorably discharged just this month. I have two dogs, Kirito and Mia, one cat, Munchkin, and a fantastic boyfriend, all of whom live with me. I have a new full-time job lined up as a Case Reviewer to assist in the security clearance process for the federal government. My boyfriend is an Account Manager for a private security agency, and he is also a Law Enforcement Officer and U.S. Army veteran himself.

Normally, we're able to handle all of our bills relatively comfortably, but we're struggling lately because of a really major unexpected expense that we had to pay. I had to put money towards a new roof trim, soffits, and gutters due to the amount of rain that has been occurring in Virginia, and because the original structures are old and were never worked on. That cost me thousands of dollars to fix, and then more recently, I became the victim of a Zelle scam. Unfortunately, the scammers stole the money that I set aside to cover this month's mortgage after having already paid for the home repairs. I learned my lesson from this: always be vigilant and do not think twice when something doesn't feel right. I called my bank and Zelle, but unfortunately, they could not do anything because the payment was authorized and could not be reversed. I immediately reported the scammer/fraud to Zelle, the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. I doubt it will help much, but at least multiple organizations were made aware so that hopefully the scammers are caught so this never happens again to anyone else.

As a result of this scam and the home repairs that we had to make, we don't have anything left in the tank to cover our mortgage payment for this month. I'm worried that falling behind after this series of hardships will be very difficult for us to recover from, so I'm very humbly asking for assistance with a month of our mortgage. We're expecting our VA to be processed soon, and I'll be starting my new job shortly, so we'll be much more financially stable by then, but until that point, we're going to struggle to keep our home without help. We would be so grateful for this assistance, and I want to thank everyone who lends us a hand with our mortgage payment. We will never forget the kindness we're shown.

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