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A Death in My Family Caused Me to Fall Behind on My Rent! Please Help Me Keep My Home.

My Story:

I am divorced and an empty nester. My children are 25 and 28 years old, and they gave me two wonderful grandbabies who are my world. I am originally from Georgia, but I moved up here about 4 years ago to be close to my family. It was the best move ever, and I'm so much happier to be closer to my family.

I have lived paycheck to paycheck pretty much my whole adult life. Normally, I can get by, but after my mama passed away last September, I have been struggling. She had no insurance and no savings because she was in a nursing home, and my brother is bipolar and struggles to care for himself, so I was left to pay for her funeral on my own. My father also passed away a while ago too, so outside of my children and grandchildren, I'm on my own. My mother lived in Georgia, so I had to make a lot of trips back and forth to settle her affairs in addition to paying for her funeral. It was a huge expense, and I'm still really struggling to get caught up on all my bills. I've been stuck behind on my rent for months now, and if I don't catch up soon, I'll lose my home.

It's difficult for me to ask for help, but I desperately need it if I'm going to save my home, so I'm very humbly asking for assistance with my rent. Long term, this will allow me to stay in my apartment and get caught up on my bills. I have been barely getting by for months and without help, I can't see how I will ever be back even. Help with this would change my whole world, and I would be eternally grateful for the generosity I'm shown. I am not good with words, but I can tell you, I will try every chance I get to pay it forward.

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