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I Was Just Diagnosed with MS & Need Help Getting My Vehicle Back on the Road! Please Help!

My Story:

I'm a divorced mother, and I live alone with my 12-year-old black cat, Edgar Sylvester. I have two adult sons who are with me day and night, and I'm so proud of them both. They haven't always had easy lives, and my oldest battled addiction for nearly 20 years, but he's finally turning his life around. By the grace of God, he's sober, working, full-time, and he's finally making a change in his life. My younger son has always had a good work ethic and has always tried to be there for his older brother. He's working and living close by with his long-time girlfriend and their dog. Both of them have been a tremendous source of support for me after I divorced my ex-husband who was emotionally and physically abusive towards me.

The source of most of my hardship has been the problems that I've been experiencing with my health. Six months ago, I started to experience crippling pain in my back, and I could barely get out of bed. Initially, I thought it was pain related to an accident I had been in, but after consulting with my doctor's, they diagnosed me with early onset MS. Eventually, I ended up losing my full-time job as a result, and I've applied for government assistance, but that could take months to get. In the meantime, I'm driving for DoorDash, but my car recently broke down. I can't afford the repairs, and it's tarting to cause domino effect in regard to my other bills.

I'm in desperate need of assistance with getting my car repaired so that I can keep working, and so that I can keep going to my doctor's appointments. I would be very grateful for any assistance I receive with repairing my vehicle, and I will never forget the impact that it has on my ability to work and on my health. Thank you all in advance for this extremely generous assistance.

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