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We're Struggling to Afford Our Mortgage After I Was Laid-Off from Work! Please Help Us!

My Story:

I am a married father of twin boys. My twin boys are 9 years old, and both have Autism, sensory disorder, and speech delay. They are full of energy and fun. One of our twins, Aiden, loves sand art and all types of music, and our other twin, Brandon, who is non-verbal, loves to do acrobatic flips on the trampoline. Both are very unique in their own ways, and we love them so much.

Truthfully, we've always been able to get by, and we've never really faced a situation like the one we're dealing with right now. It all began when I was laid-off from my job. I had been working for a mortgage company for three years as a Government Insuring Specialist. Despite my wife still having her job, which she's been at for almost 18 years now, we're struggling with the reality of being a one income household raising two special needs children. More and more, we've found ourselves having to sacrifice our monthly bills just to put food on the table and just to keep our sons in their therapy programs. This month, we're behind on our mortgage again, and we need assistance if we're going to be able to catch up and avoid being foreclosed on.

In addition to the lay-off, our car recently broke down, and it took the last of our savings and the money we set aside for our mortgage to cover that expense. With our mortgage slipping further and further out of our reach, I'm worried that my family is going to be left homeless. I'm frantically searching for work in order to get us caught back up, but with just one income right now, we don't stand a chance on our own. So, I'm very humbly asking for help with our mortgage while I continue to search for a new full-time position. This help will be a blessing to my family that we will never forget, and I hope that someday soon, we can pay if forward.

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