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I'm a Widowed Mother of Three, & I Need Help Keeping Our Power on After Losing Work!

My Story:

Four years ago, my husband suddenly and tragically passed away, leaving me to care for our three boys on my own. We miss him a lot, and it's been difficult to pick up the pieces since he passed, but I'm doing the best that I can for my sons. They're all very athletic and love sports. My oldest plays football, my middle child plays basketball, and my youngest son is really into gymnastics. I work full-time as security guard at the local school, but over the summer, I'm out of work because I'm considered a classified employee.

I'm returning to work next week, but I've already fallen behind on our electric bill, and I'm really worried that our service is going to be shut-off. When I'm working, I can handle all of our bills, but with three kids at home, I never have enough to put away into an emergency fund. With inflation and the cost of living going up, I also wasn't able to budget for the time that I had to spend out of work over the summer, and we've struggled a lot. My biggest fear is that our power is going to be shut-off in the coming weeks, so I'm very humbly asking for assistance with our electric bill.

When I return to work next week, I'll be able to get my family back on track, but until then, we need urgent help if we're going to keep our lights on. Since I lost my husband, it's been very difficult for my family, and we've often felt isolated and alone in our struggles. However, this assistance would not only allow us to keep our power on, but it would show my children and I that there are people out there who are willing to lend a helping hand and that we're never truly alone. For that reason, I also want to promise to pay it forward to another family who are facing a similar situation to the one we're in now.

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