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We're Struggling to Keep Our Home After I Had to Stay Home with Our Special Needs Sons!

My Story:

I am a married mom of two amazing little boys. My oldest, Westley, is 4 years old, and Hayden, my youngest, is 2 years old. My husband, Joe, is a welder full-time, and I left the veterinary world in March of this year to stay home full-time to take care of our boys. In 2020, Westley was diagnosed with nonverbal autism, and Hayden was diagnosed this year with autism as well.

With me stepping away from working to take care of our children and get them to their therapies, we are living paycheck to paycheck. Right now, my husband's checks are gone the day he gets paid. We had to spend all of our savings for travel because our sons' therapy is about two hours away from our home. At our farm, we have our own fuel tank that we fill our vehicle from. They typically refill it when we ask them to, but the company came by and refilled it without us asking and then charged us for it, so now we're struggling. We've also had some issues with my husband's tires that we've had to deal with as well, and that's cut into our monthly budget.

Because of this hardship, we're struggling to cover our mortgage, and I'm really worried about falling behind. Paying for the tank fill and vehicle issues were expenses I just didn't have factored in right now. We usually have savings set aside but have used all of that for traveling to ABA therapy and paying what insurance does not cover. With that in mind, I'm very humbly asking for assistance with our mortgage because if we fall behind, we'll lose our home and our livelihoods.

Over the past two years, my family has experienced a lot of change and upheaval, and it feels like we've struggled to get back on our feet since then. However, with this generous assistance, we could finally get to a place where we're able to pay all of our bills and take care of our sons. Once we get to a point where we're feeling stable financially, we will start looking to return the kindness we're shown.

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