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We Had to Replace Our Cracked Windshield & Fell Behind on Our Utilities! Please Help Us Catch up!

My Story:

I am a mother of two young children. My husband is a music educator and a musician. When he's not busy at work, we all love to explore the outdoors and visit with family. Right now, I'm taking care of our two young children full-time, so I'm not employed. With only one of us working, we struggle to get by sometimes, but childcare is so expensive that it would offset any wages I make working.

Like I said, sometimes we struggle to get by, and that's definitely the case right now. We have an unexpected car repair that we need to make, and our insurance will only cover some of the cost. Our windshield is pretty badly cracked, and we can't drive our only vehicle until it's repaired. We went ahead and made a deposit to fix the windshield because we rely on our car for almost everything. However, that's meant that we can't afford our utility bills for this month. I'm worried that if we fall behind any further, we'll lose our services and will be left in the dark without running water, so I'm humbly asking for assistance with covering our utilities.

With this assistance, we'll be able to make it through this short-term hardship without falling further behind on our utilities. We can keep our car on the road and keep our utilities on and our balance current. For both of those reasons, we would be very appreciative of this assistance and would like to thank everyone who lends us a hand.

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