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My Fiance Is Back Home Helping Her Mother. I Need to Be There For Them but Need Help Moving!

My Story:

I am a young man who loves creating music and inspiring others to find the potential in themselves. I have a fiance who is a very sweet, caring woman and is quite artsy herself. She's very talented at drawing art or working with fabrics to create beautiful work, from clothes to crocheted quilts and rugs. We've been together for a while, and I am still amazed every day at what she can do. We take care of our two puppies outside of our full time jobs. I'm working at a warehouse, and my fiance is working for a group of pool companies.

I had moved from my home state of Minnesota to Las Vegas with my fiance the other year, right before a giant influx of residents from CA and other areas, which shot rent prices up over double what we were originally paying. On top of that, my car broke down, requiring the purchase of another. Much, much more importantly, my fiance's mother was diagnosed with throat cancer and went through treatment. My fiance immediately moved across the country to be closer to her family, mainly providing assistance through her mother's healing. While her mother has been responding well to the treatment, we now are across the country from each other, and are struggling to make ends meet on our own. We've concluded that I need to move to be closer to her so that we can support each other during this difficult time.

However, we can't afford to pay for a U-Haul right now, and so, I'm humbly asking for assistance with that expense. This generous support would bring me, my fiance, and our families a sense of financial stability that I have been wanting for us for some time now. I have been away from her for almost a year now, and each day is a struggle when all I want is to be there for her and her family, especially her mother. I feel trapped across the country and am simply waiting for the day I have enough money to pick up our things and be reunited with her again.

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