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I Lost My Job to an Injury, & I Need Help Covering a Car Repair & Medical Bill Please!

My Story:

I'm a single mother, and I've raised my amazing 21-year-old daughter on my own. She's living with me and my partner who is retired and helps to support me and my daughter as best as he can. Until recently, I was also working hard to support my family, but I was let go of by my company after I was injured at work.

It's been an incredibly difficult thing to deal with, as I feel I was wrongfully let go of. I was injured and had to have Carpal Tunnel Surgery, and while I was recovering and going through physical therapy, I was let go of. Recovering from my injury and dealing with the medical expenses would have been hard enough as it was, but now, without work, I feel like I'm facing an impossible task. The physical pain of my injury has been hard on me, but really the emotional toll that being out of work and not being able to contribute and support my family has been the most difficult part of this injury. I've never been in a position like this, and I'm really worried about my family's ability to cope with our bills without my income.

In addition to the injury I sustained and the medical bills that I owe, our car also broke down, and we owe money towards the deductible we had to pay in order to get the repairs done. With a limited income, we're now unable to cope with my medical bills and this deductible, so I'm seeking assistance with both of those bills please. I'm worried about our insurance rates going through the roof if we can't cover this deductible, but honestly, my greatest fear is being denied access to my doctor if we can't afford to pay the medical bill I owe. With this help though, I'll be able to continue my therapy and keep my vehicle on the road, both of which I would be deeply and eternally grateful for.

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