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Our Car Won't Start, & We Need Help With the Repairs so We Can Get Our Vehicle Back on the Road!

My Story:

I'm a mother, and my long-time boyfriend and I are raising my daughter. She's a wonderful child, and I really appreciate her and am proud of her. I'm disabled and am fighting to receive my benefits, so I'm currently unemployed and have no income. For that reason, we rely entirely on my boyfriend's income to get by from month to month.

With only his income, we're just barely able to keep up with our bills from month to month, and we don't have enough put away to deal with any emergency expenses. So when our car broke down and stopped starting up, we began to fear the worst. It turns out that our car needs an ignition module, a sparkplug, and a sensor for it to turn on again. All in all, the repairs are too expensive for us to handle on our own. It would quite literally take a whole paycheck for my boyfriend to cover it, and we would have to sacrifice other vital bills like our rent and utilities to be able to afford the repairs. With my young daughter at home, we can't afford to end up homeless or in the dark without water or A/C. With that said, we're very humbly seeking assistance with these repairs so that we won't have to sacrifice our other bills to get our vehicle back on the road.

This assistance would allow us to continue to cover our bills from month to month, and most importantly, it will ensure that my boyfriend can continue to work full-time hours. Right now, he's relying on rides from friends and family, but those aren't always consistent, so we're worried he's going to lose out on hours or even lose his job entirely. We would be very appreciative of this assistance, and once we get our vehicle back on the road, we'll be looking for ways to pay the kindness we're shown forward to another family in need.

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