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After a Gap in Employment, We're Going to Have Our Lights & Power Shut-Off! Please Help!

My Story:

I'm a single parent, and I have an 11-year-old daughter, and I'm also raising my 15-year-old nephew. Both of them are excellent students, and they love spending time outdoors too. My 24-year-old brother also lives with us all, and he's very supportive and helpful with the children and with taking care of the house. Currently, he's taking care of the children and is unemployed. That leaves me as the main provider for the household, and after a brief period of unemployment, I've started working full-time as a CSA for an insurance company.

Unfortunately, my new job pays significantly less than my old job did, but I had to start working again, or else, we were never going to make it. We're now living paycheck to paycheck, but with the time that I spent unemployed, we still have a significant gap to make up in regard to some of our major bills. Right now, we're behind on our utility bills, and we don't have any way of making up the balance in time to keep our lights and water on. I've requested an extension, but even if that's approved, I don't know how we'll catch up on our own.

Because we're in serious danger of losing our utility services, I'm very humbly asking for help with keeping our lights and water on. My brother is currently looking for employment to help out financially, and this will give us a chance to save extra money and prevent us from falling behind again. This help would mean the world to my family and definitely prevent us from having our water and power shut-off. We would be extremely grateful and appreciative of any help possible towards this bill. Thank you all in advance for this assistance.

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