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I'm Taking Care of My Newborn & Nephew & Need Help Keeping Our Lights On!

My Story:

I'm a single mother, and I have one of my own, but I'm also taking care of my 13-year-old nephew. My child is just an infant, and right now, we're really feeling the effects of the baby formula shortage. I've had to try different substitutes for him, but none of them have taken, and some of them even make him ill. Due to the lack of available formula, I have to take off work to care for him, and I've lost some hours at work as a result. On top of that, I was out of work from September of 2021 until March of 2022 after giving birth to my son.

In addition to being out of work for six months, taking care of my nephew has also made it difficult to keep up with all of my bills. I care very deeply for my family, and I will always do anything that I can to support them; however, taking in my nephew has added to an already difficult situation. After missing work when my son was born and after missing hours at work to care for him due to the formula shortage, I've been falling behind on our bills. I use almost all of my paycheck to keep up with our rent every month because keeping a roof over our heads is the most important thing that I can do to keep my son and my nephew safe. However, while I've been able to keep up with my rent, it's come at the expense of my other bills. Specifically, it's come at the expense of my electric bill, and I'm very far behind on my balance.

As things stand, we're facing an imminent shut-off to our electricity service, and I don't have any way to catch up on the balance that I owe right now. Without this assistance, I'm afraid that me and the children will be left in the dark. For their sake, I'm very humbly asking for assistance with catching up on this electric bill so that we can avoid a shut-off to our utilities. As a mother, I would be very grateful for this assistance and the safety that it affords my children. I promise that I will find a way to pay it forward when I have a chance.

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