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After Losing Work to COVID & Losing Our Home, We Need Help Keeping Our Only Vehicle Please!

My Story:

I am the mother of four amazing kids, three boys and one girl. My older children do not live with us, but my two younger sons do. They are both exceptionally bright and energetic, but they both have severe mental disabilities. When it comes to making Roblox and Minecraft mods, both boys are extremely talented. Since returning to school to receive my high school diploma, which I will receive on June 15th, my sons have been my biggest cheerleaders. I work as many hours as I can for UberEats and am pursuing my Associates Degree. My husband was laid off from his warehouse job shortly after the first lockdown. We both received unemployment benefits, but due to identity theft, our benefits were revoked. Since then, my husband has started to have a lot of mental health problems and has had difficulty working as a result.

My family and I have been struggling with homelessness since late January 2022 after our landlord unlawfully made us move while we had recently tested positive for Covid. Since then, finding permanent housing has been extremely difficult since landlords don't really work with anyone with a collection on their credit. For the past three years, my husband has struggled with mental illness that has made life difficult and stressful. His emotional outbursts and emotional abuse has increased to where I had to make the difficult decision to walk away on several occasions. In 2003, while I was in a shelter I was assaulted and I have experienced extreme anxiety and also suffer from PTSD from the assault. I have fears of going into a shelter. Although I have my Section 8 voucher, it's still been a rough road finding a place to live, and I'm in fear of losing my car due to payment issues and also having issues finding a job. I have been struggling to find day care for my sons due to funding, and I recently graduated from adult high school and received my diploma. I am enrolled at my community college with hopes of obtaining a degree in Digital Music Technology. My family and I lost all of our belongings from toys, clothes, pictures, all of our furniture and dishes. I have no family to turn to and I seem to continue running into barriers. I am a hard working, motivated woman who also struggles with mental illness. I don't let my mental illness stop me from doing what is best for my family.

Like I said, our car payment is behind, and losing our car would make it very difficult for me to keep earning an income, and while we're already struggling with our finances, I don't know how we would recover. Getting this assistance would have a long-term impact on our family and set a great example for our sons. We want them to witness how individuals can actually make a difference in the lives of others, and we want them to be inspired to help others in exchange. Thank you and God Bless.

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