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I'm Struggling with My Health & Missing Work. Please Help Us Get Our Utilities Current!

My Story:

I am a single mother supporting my amazing daughter, wonderful grandson, and my son all on my own. My 16-year-old daughter is in honors classes in high school and works very hard to maintain her grades. My grandson is 8 years old, and he brings joy to the family each and every day. Tragically, my only son is a victim gun violence, and he suffers from PTSD and has struggled to try to live a regular life. My whole family is doing the best that we can to support him. We like to spend time at as a family playing games and cooking dinner together. To support my family, I work full-time as a case manager at a local non-profit.

I was born with a congenital birth defect called radioulnar synostosis in both of my arms. Over time, I have had problems with my arms, and the last few months, they've been giving me a lot of pain. The nature of the work that I do involves the repetitive use of my arms, causing me to develop severe arthritis in my elbows and in my wrists. I have been back and forth with my doctors, and we're trying to figure out the best way to operate and relieve the pain that I'm having. However, continued treatment is very costly, and I've also had to miss a lot of work due to the severity of my arthritis. My family has always been dependent on me to take care of them and with my health declining, I'm worried about how we are going to make it. Right now, we're behind on our utility bills because of the time I've missed at work and because of the cost of my doctor's appointments and treatments. I'm worried that if we can't catch up soon, we'll have our utilities cut off completely, so I'm seeking assistance with catching up on those bills.

With this support, I'll be able to focus on my health and on getting back to working consistently. Once I'm able to make a plan with my doctor on how best to treat my health issues, I'll be able to execute that and move forward while also being able to provide for my children. My family would be exceptionally grateful for that, and we will never forget the kind and generous people who kept our lights on and our water running.

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