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I'm a Veteran & Single Mother Who Just Overcame Homelessness, but I Still Need Help Catching Up!

My Story:

I'm a veteran and a single mother of two wonderful boys. My oldest is 14 years old, and my younger son is 8 years old. Despite their difference in age, they're very close, and they always look out for each other. They love to spend time drawing and playing games together. To provide for my family, I work as a maintenance technician, and I love the work that I do and am very happy to be working again. In addition to my full-time job, I also try to do deliveries for DoorDash when I can in order to supplement my income.

We have just recently overcome homelessness. After a long and difficult journey, I was able to work hard enough to find us a home for the time being. It's a studio apartment, and the situation is a temporary steppingstone until I can find us something with more space. My oldest son has to live with his father for the time being, and while that's difficult for both of us, I'm just happy to have a roof over our heads again. Still, I'm trying to do my best to keep improving our situation so that I can find a place that has enough space for me and both my sons. More than anything, I want my family to be reunited, but if I'm going to do that, I know that I'll need help.

We're still recovering, and we've come a long way to get back on our feet again, but I'm still stuck behind on one of our major bills, our phone service. I haven't been able to catch up on our phone bill, and I'm worried that we're going to lose our service in a matter of weeks unless we can get caught up. I'm humbly asking for assistance with this bill because it's the only way I'm able to keep up with my job, do deliveries, and most importantly, it's the only way for me to stay in touch with my sons in case of an emergency while I'm at work or while they're at school. This generous assistance would be a huge step forward for my family, and it will put me one step closer to finding us more space so that my family can be reunited again. I would be forever grateful for this support, and I promise that I will find some way to pay it forward to another family in need when I have the chance.

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