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I'm Trying to Find a New Home For My Son & I, but I Need Help Catching Up on My Car Note First!

My Story:

I'm a young single mother, and I have a 1-year-old son. We're currently living with my mother while I search for a place of our own. I work as an Amazon delivery driver, and it's a difficult job, but it pays the bills for the most part at least. When I'm not working, I love spending time with my son who is handsome, energetic, and playful. Being a single mother is difficult, but I'm thankful to have the support of my mother, and I feel so blessed and proud to have my son.

I recently got accepted for an apartment, but I'm having trouble affording the security deposit while also trying to handle my other bill obligations. I got COVID back in January, and I've been behind on almost all of my bills since then. Specifically, I'm behind on my car note and my phone bill, and while I'm behind on those two bills, I can't come close to covering the security deposit for the apartment I was approved for. On top of that, I'm worried about having my phone shut-off and my car repossessed because either of those would leave me jobless.

I'm humbly asking for assistance with my car note and phone bill so that I can both keep my job and afford the security deposit for a new apartment. It's important that I continue to work, otherwise I won't be able to afford my bills or provide for my son. However, it's also very important that we move out of my mother's place. She needs her independence, and we need ours. Furthermore, after I got COVID, she's been very nervous about contracting it herself, as she is immunocompromised. This assistance would give my son and I a chance at a new life, and for that opportunity, I would be forever humbled and thankful. I promise that we will never forget the kindness we're shown.

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