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My Husband & I Lost Work to COVID. Now, We're Being Evicted & Need Help With a Storage Bill Please!

My Story:

I am a married woman with two amazing children, one girl who is 13 years old and one boy who is 9 years old. My daughter loves art and film-making; she's always trying to convince us to see the latest thing in theaters. My son loves wrestling, basketball, and his bicycle. Both of my children have been through so much, and my husband and I do our best to give them the world.

The pandemic hit our family very hard, and I lost my job early on. The company I was working for closed its doors abruptly and gave no warning to our clients or their employees. Since then, I've struggled to find work and have been in and out of various odd jobs. My husband owns his own business doing pressure washing, but he lost a lot of his clients to the pandemic and just hasn't had any work lately. Then, my mother-in-law suddenly and tragically passed away in March. Covering the cost of her burial and memorial service were big hit to us financially, and my husband has been having to take time to grieve her loss. On top of all of that, our landlord recently told us they were evicting us because our apartment's lease was in my mother-in-laws name. Even though we've been paying the rent for years and have always been on time, they're still kicking us out. So now we have to find a new home on short notice, and without much income right now, we're having a very hard time with that.

We've had to put most of our belongings in storage, but after all of the expenses involved with moving and finding a new home, we can't afford our storage bill. All of my children's belongings, my husband's tools, and all of the sentimental things I have from my mother are in this storage. My mother passed away when I was 14 years old, and the only things that I have left from her are kept in this storage unit currently. We are desperate for assistance with this bill, and we would be deeply appreciative and humbled to have it taken care of. Thank you all in advance for your kindness and generosity. You will be saving a lifetime of memories for me and my family.

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