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Please Help Us Keep Our Only Vehicle! I Lost My Job, so the Only Work I Have Left is DoorDash!

My Story:

As a single mother, I do the best that I can to take care of and raise my daughter on my own. I can't lie, it's been difficult to do, especially during the last few months; however, despite the adversity we face, we always come out stronger than ever. My daughter is an amazing young woman, and I'm so proud of her. She just made the JV cheerleading team, and she's going into high school next year. Right now, she's an honor roll student who loves the performing arts. Throughout middle school, she's been learning and playing the violin, and when she starts high school, she's planning to be heavily involved in the theatre program. Truly, my daughter is an amazing kid, and I'm beyond proud to be her mother.

In order to support my daughter, I have always been an extremely hard worker because it's the only way we can survive. I'm always looking for opportunities to make an income and to work, but lately, those have been few and far between. I was laid-off from my job after my former employer started to close its doors. My income dropped to just a third of what I was making, and now the only income we can rely on is through unemployment and the money I make doing DoorDash. These are enough for us to be able to keep up with our rent, but we have nothing left over to handle other bills. As a result, my car payment has gone unpaid for months now, and it's about to be repossessed as a result. I've been paying it off for six years now, so losing it now would be absolutely devastating. It's also the only means of transportation we have, so without it I can't do DoorDash or search for a new job, let alone get my daughter to school or go to the grocery store.

I'm very humbly asking for assistance with catching up on our past due car payment because without it, we'll be thrown into a cycle of debt that I don't think we'll be able to escape. Losing our car would have a domino effect on the rest of our bills, but on the other hand, getting this help and having it taken care of would get us level on our finances again. I'll be able to find a new job and start with a completely fresh slate. This would give my daughter the foundation that we need to begin this new chapter of our lives, and we would feel so blessed to receive this help for that reason. Thank you all in advance for your kindness and generosity.

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