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I'm Active-Duty Military. After My Daughter Spent 2 Months in NICU, We Need Help with a Car Repair!

My Story:

I'm a married father, and my wife and I have been blessed with a wonderful daughter. She's just four months old, so we're navigating all of the challenges and wonders that come along with being new parents. In addition to the challenges that most new parents faced, our daughter has been struggling with health issues that kept her in the NICU for two months after she was born. Finally, she was able to come home, and we've been so relieved and thankful to have her here with us and in good health again.

I'm an active duty soldier stationed on base, and my wife and daughter are here with me as well. Currently, my wife doesn't work because she's taking care of the baby while I'm serving in the military. With the addition of our daughter to the family and because my wife isn't working, we've had to tighten our monthly budget. As a result, we're living almost entirely from paycheck to paycheck, and we don't have anything for emergencies. We only have one vehicle, and right now, it's sitting in a repair shop because we can't afford to get repairs done on it while also paying our other bills. Our first priority is our daughter and her health and safety, so we've decided to cover things like housing costs, food, baby products, and other miscellaneous bills before we get these repairs taken care of.

However, my family relies on this vehicle for almost everything, and without it, we've been having a difficult time. The cost of the repairs are too steep for us to handle on our own while caring for our daughter, so I'm very humbly asking for assistance with these repairs. Not only would this help keep us out of debt, but it will allow us to get our daughter to her doctor's appointments more easily, it will allow me to get to and from my job on base, and it will allow my wife to return to work when she's able to again. On behalf of my family, and especially my daughter, I would like to thank everyone who lends us a hand with these repairs for your compassion and generosity.

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