Paid 05/18/2022
Unsupported Single Parent
Imminent Loss of Housing

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI really want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I really wasn�t sure how I was going to get everything taken care of, but you guys are a godsend! It really helps more than you guys know that my son and I won�t have to worry about if we�ll have a roof over our heads. I definitely will be paying this wonderfully kind gesture forward, and again I can�t thank you guys enough! Every single one of you that helped me during this rough patch in life.. I promise I won�t forget this.

I'm a Single Father, & I Missed 2 Weeks of Work Due to COVID. Please Help Me Keep Our Home!

My Story:

I have a rambunctious boy who I'm raising on my own as a single father. He's 6 years old, and his favorite things are watching TV and having me read to him. Truly, he has a huge heart and is very empathetic. For instance, our older cat recently passed away, and so my son has decided that it's his job to step up and be a big brother to our other cat now. He always goes wherever that cat goes and say that he doesn't want him to feel lonely. My son is my world, and while being a single father is difficult, I do the best that I can to make sure he has everything that he needs.

Thankfully, I do have help from my family when it comes to watching my son while I work. Both my mother and great grandmother have been so helpful, and they're such a huge part of my son's life. I'm very grateful to both of them for always doing their best to be there for me and my son. I work full-time in a warehouse, and lately, we've been having some issues with COVID outbreaks. I ended up testing positive for the virus, and I had to take time off work. Originally, I was told that the time off would be covered and that I would be paid, but I was recently informed that wasn't the case. I missed two weeks of work and wasn't paid for that time off. Then, I had to miss some more shifts at work because my mother and great grandmother couldn't watch my son for a few days. On top of that, our landlord recently informed me that they would be raising the rent for our building, so now I'm going to have to stretch to be able to cover that increase. Without the income from the few weeks of work that I missed, I'm not going to be able to cover our increased rent for this month, so I'm asking for assistance with our rent.

Normally, I'm able to cover all of our bills from month to month, but because I haven't worked as much this month, we're going to fall behind on our rent. I never have enough left over from my paychecks to put anything away, so I don't know how we'll ever catch up if we fall behind. For the first time, I'm really scared because I can't guarantee the roof over my son's head. It's for his sake that I'm asking for this assistance, and as a father, I would be very grateful. Thank you all in advance for showing us kindness by helping us keep our home for the foreseeable future.

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