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Temporary Loss of Income

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI am having trouble finding the words that will show you how much your help means to me. Each day since my application, things continue to get worse financially. The cost of groceries is beyond comprehension; it costs 100 dollars to put gas in the car, heating season ends with still an unpaid balance with the air conditioning season starting immediately without a break in between. While I am a positive person, life just seems to be beating me up. I hear many friends and family also experiencing financial strain. I would normally try to help them and sadly I cannot. There is never enough money to keep caught up and definitely no funds in a savings account for a back up. I still need glasses I cannot afford. Your generosity fills me with new hope that I am not alone. Hardship leaves one feeling alone and isolated. Today, finding out that you will help ease my burden, helps me believe that there are still some people who will help others. I really cannot thank you enough. Today I feel truly blessed. Thanks a million.

My Chimney Caved in, My Car Broke Down, & My Former Employer Stole My Pension Money. Please Help!

My Story:

I am a widowed, disabled nurse, who is unable to leave my home due to a severe latex allergy. I have tried to work from home with a medical transcription business, but that's been less consistent in terms of work since 2012 when all of the local hospitals bought up all of the physician practices in my area. I had a part-time quality assurance job that I did from home, but due to COVID, we lost work from February 2020 onwards, and by July the company closed due to a lack of work. I have been trying to weave powder horn straps and sell handmade potholders and other small items on the internet but with inflation and others being unemployed, that business has also dried up.

I made the decision to refinance my home in June of 2021, and I thought I would be okay because the economy was improving. Then, the federal COVID assistance stopped, and inflation ramped up. Since September, I've been having a difficult time managing my financial situation, and I've regularly had to pick and choose what I can and can't afford in terms of bills. Since then, I've been facing a series of disasters that have left me on the brink of ruin. First, my chimney fell in on itself, costing me over $3,000 in repairs. Then, my car broke down, costing me even more in repairs. Finally, and worst of all, the hospital that I worked at for years went bankrupt. Shortly after, I learned that they illegally and fraudulently used employee's pension funds to cover costs until they collapsed, so instead of receiving my retirement benefits that I worked to save up over years of working there, I'm receiving just a quarter of what I put away from the federal government. I'm still trying to figure out how best to proceed from these disasters, but in the meantime, I'm facing shut-offs to my utilities, so I'm humbly asking for assistance with catching up on those bills before it's too late.

Getting caught up on my utility bills would be a huge step in the right direction for me in terms of getting back on top of my finances. I'm working on solutions to stabilize my living situation and my finances, but in the meantime, I would be very grateful for this assistance with keeping my lights and power on. Thank you all in advance for your kindness and generosity.

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