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I'll Be Out of Work for Two Months Due to a Surgery. Please Help Me Keep My Car While I Recover!

My Story:

I'm a single man, and I live with my disabled, elderly parents. My parents are wonderful, passionate, and hardworking people, but in their advanced age, they incurred several injuries that won't allow them to work anymore. In addition to caring for my parents, I work as a hotel supervisor. While my job pays our bills, I would definitely say that my passions lie with movies and with screenwriting. I spend most of the free time that I have working on screenplays that I write on my own, and my dream is to turn one into a film some day soon.

Most months I can keep up with our bills, but I would say that we definitely tend to live from check to check. That's been especially true since I lost my secondary job to the pandemic. Now, I have a jaw surgery coming up that will keep me out of work for two months, and because my job is part-time, I don't have any unpaid leave or disability insurance to help while I'm out of work. With my family living paycheck to paycheck, not having an income for two months is going to be impossible for us to manage, so I'm humbly asking for assistance with some of our bills. Specifically, I'm seeking assistance with my car note, car insurance, and phone bill please.

While I'm out of work recovering from my surgery, it's important that we keep up to date with our bills. Losing our car or our phone service would not only make our day to day lives harder, but it would make it impossible for me to earn a living, as I would surely lose my job. I'm so worried about our financial situation while I'm out of work not for my sake, but for the sake of my parents. They gave me everything, and now they rely on me to provide for them. Not being able to do that breaks my heart, but I still know that if I can make it through this surgery and get back to work, then I'll be able to provide for them again. I couldn't be more grateful for assistance with that. From the bottom of my heart, thank you in advance for showing us kindness and compassion.

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