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Medical Issues Cost Me Work, & Now We Can't Afford the Surgery I Needed to Correct Those Issues!

My Story:

I am a father to a fourteen month old little girl. Her mother and I have been together since the beginning of the pandemic, and we married in October of 2020. Together, we have fought through the struggles and hardships of addiction, and we're celebrating our second year sober this summer. In the hardest time of the pandemic, we were released from jail with nowhere to live, and a baby on the way. We were given grace from our landlord, who believes there are no bad people, just unfortunate situations. Since moving into this home, we planted our feet firmly and beat all odds to thrive. I have graduated my programs and classes with the Department of Community Supervision, and my wife and I have both resolved our legal issues. We are both eligible for early termination of our supervision next fall. We are ready to put our pasts behind us and to move forward for the sake of our daughter. Given that our foundation is planted strong thanks to having a home, I have been able to go to work full time and to provide for my family the life I never had.

While we are optimistic about the future, we have been facing some adversity as of late. I have a health condition that saw me miss a great deal of work due to a recent stay in the emergency room at our local hospital. Long story short, they laid me off through the staffing company that placed me with them. While I was upset to have lost the job, I was able to quickly find more work, but then more hardship struck my family. We experienced some difficulties with our vehicle and had to purchase a new one so that I could get to work, which is over 45 minutes away by car. Long story short, we finally found a vehicle but had to sink a lot of money into repairs for it, and as a result, I can't afford the medical bills that I have coming due for the surgery that I spent time in the ER for.

Even though I'm employed again, and things are looking up for my family, we still have this unmanageable medical debt looming over us. If I can't take care of it soon, they'll start to garnish my wages, and that will also ruin my credit score that I've worked so hard to rebuild. I'm very humbly asking for assistance with this medical bill because it's the difference between chaos and stability for my family. With this generous assistance we'll be able to stay above the poverty line, keep our home, employment and transportation, and with that stability, we can keep climbing to make this the best life we can for our daughter.

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