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We Used Our Rent to Pay for Car Repairs! Please Help Us Keep Our Home!

My Story:

I'm a single mother, and I have a wonderful 10-yer-old daughter who is good-natured and very energetic. She always does her best to keep my spirits high, and I'm so thankful for her. My daughter loves sports and the outdoors, and I take her to the park and on walks every day. As for myself, when I'm not working, I love to spend time with my daughter, and I love to workout and go to church. The past two years have been difficult for us, but I have learned hope and patience during that time.

I manage to meet our basic expenses from month to month, but we definitely still live paycheck to paycheck. On top of that, my daughter's father doesn't keep up with child support payments because he is unable to work consistently. When the pandemic began, I lost my food service job, and since then I've been trying to play catch up on everything. Just when it seems like we're about to get ahead or get level with our bills, another expense comes up and puts us further behind than ever. So when our car broke down and needed repairs, it put us in a very difficult position. I had to get it repaired so that I could get my daughter to school and myself to work. Now, we're behind on our rent and have no way of catching up in time to avoid being evicted. My daughter and I don't have any family support, and without her father in the picture, we're on our own.

We desperately need help with our rent or we're going to face an eviction. As I said, my daughter and I don't have family to rely on, so if we lose our home, we won't have anywhere to go. For the sake of my family, I'm very humbly asking for assistance with our rent. I have plans to return to school this summer, and I'm going to keep working hard even then. In the meantime, we urgently need this help if we're going to keep our home, and we would be very appreciative to everyone who supports us.

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