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A Hospital Stay is Threatening to Bankrupt My Family! Please Help!

My Story:

I am married and a mother of two amazing children. My son is seven years old and is autistic. He enjoys playing Mario and riding, Sonny, the horse that he uses for his therapy program. My daughter is five years old and enjoys ballet and tap dancing. She is our animal lover and is obsessed with meeting every dog in the neighborhood! I am an ESE teacher, and I've been doing that for 20 years. In addition to that, I also teach homebound students after school. My husband works full-time at a beach resort in maintenance.

We're definitely a family who live paycheck to paycheck, but until now, we've been able to manage our expenses fairly comfortably. The start of this year has been really tough on our family's finances. In January, I was in the hospital for a week with inflammation and excess fluid in my mesentery organ. Soon after, our water heater decided to quit and had to be replaced, which has further depleted our savings. Both of these things have weighed on us heavily, and now we're in a very difficult financial situation.

We just received our first round of medical bills from the time that I spent in the hospital, and they are threatening to bankrupt my family. Unfortunately, we do not qualify for programs that would help with the cost of the ongoing treatments for my son as we are just above the poverty level. So, I'm very humbly asking for help with the medical bill that we just received for my treatment. This generous assistance would be a huge relief for my family, and we would be deeply appreciative and grateful for this assistance.

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