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My Employer Closed Down Due to COVID. Now, I Can't Keep Up with My Electric Bill & Need Help!

My Story:

I'm a single woman living on my own, and I'm renting a room in an apartment right now while I'm between jobs due to the pandemic laying me off. However, I spend most of my time at my parent's house helping my sister, who is grieving the recent loss of her husband. Me and my two other sisters are doing the best that we can to comfort her and show her support during this trying time. We're a very tight-knit family, and we all enjoy spending time fishing and playing with our animals together. My stepfather was the pastor of a local church, so growing up, my faith was very important to me and the mission trips that I went on taught me the value of giving back to others. Since then, I have been trying to carve out a path for myself where I'm able to serve others in my community while also remaining financially stable, and I'm still trying to follow that path now.

The main source of hardship for me right now is that I lost my job due to the pandemic and haven't been able to find work since then. At first, I was furloughed, but then I was able to return to work; however, eventually, the company I worked for couldn't make it through the pandemic and had to close its doors for good. After that, I was able to get by on my savings and unemployment payments, but once those stopped and I wasn't able to find work still, I began to fall behind on a lot of my bills. I've been picking up small jobs and doing deliveries when I can, but those aren't enough to cover all of my monthly bills, so I've been picking and choosing what I've been paying. As a result, I've fallen behind on my electric bill and need help catching up before my lights are turned off.

Getting this assistance would give me a lot of breathing room in terms of my bills, and I'll be able to use that to find a solution and to hopefully find work. I'll be able to stop picking and choosing what bills I can and can't afford, and most importantly, I'll be able to keep my power from being shut-off. For that, I would be truly thankful to everyone who offers me this support. Thank you all in advance for showing me kindness and generosity.

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