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We're Facing Eviction After I Lost Work While Sick with COVID! Please Help.

My Story:

I'm a recently separated mother of three, and all three of my children live with me. My adult daughter is a co-signer on our lease, and while she tries her best to contribute to the rent, she has other bills that she has to handle, so that responsibility falls mostly to me. My youngest two children still live with me as well, and my youngest is still a toddler. I work for a local non-profit, an area food bank to be specific, and I enjoy the work that I do. It's given me the opportunity to serve my community while also being able to support my family.

Like I said, my job allows me to support my family, but we do tend to live paycheck to paycheck, and last month we experienced a lot of unexpected expenses that have left us struggling to get by this month. First, I had several unexpected medical bills come up related to a COVID diagnosis. After getting sick with COVID, I missed work, and my health got so bad that I had to take a trip to the emergency room. Those medical bills have been very costly, and the time that I missed at work has cut into our income significantly as well. On top of those medical bills, I also had to replace my phone last month due to how unreliable it had become. I rely heavily on my phone for communication with work, coordination with my ex-husband regarding my youngest child, and I rely on it for my secondary way of earning income, food delivery through DoorDash. As a result of missing work due to COVID, the medical bills that I incurred, and the new phone that I had to get, I've struggled to keep up with my family's rent and need help if we're going to avoid being evicted.

I have come to an agreement with my landlord to delay payment for a few weeks until I get my paycheck, but without having worked as much due to COVID and without having been able to do DoorDash deliveries until recently, I'm not going to have the income that I need to cover our rent. If I can't come up with the rent I owe in the next few weeks, my family will lose our home and will have nowhere to go. I will lose custody of my youngest children, and that would be devastating for me. So, I'm asking for assistance with our rent, and I would be deeply humbled and grateful to receive it. Thank you all in advance for showing us kindness and compassion.

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