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I'm Going to Lose My Home After Losing Work to COVID. Please Help!

My Story:

I live on my own, but I'm a mother, and I take care of my children on the weekends. My son is 14 years old, and my daughter is 11 years old. Both of them are amazing kids, and I'm so proud to be their mother. The time that I get to spend with them is truly precious to me, and I really enjoy just being with them. When we have the means, I love to take my kids on short road trips to experience the outdoors and the beautiful nature we're surrounded by.

Normally, I'm able to work and get enough hours at my job to take care of myself and my children on the weekends. However, the pandemic has come up over and over again, making it difficult to work consistently. I was just recovering from being laid-off and had finally gotten caught up on all of my bills when I caught COVID and had to take time off of work without pay. On top of that, we also had our SNAP benefits cut off because I make too much money now. With the cost of groceries and gas going up, losing those benefits has been a huge blow to our financial situation. The last couple of months have been very difficult for me, and I've fallen behind on my rent as a result.

I'm very humbly asking for assistance with my rent so that I can keep my home and remain a part of my children's lives. Losing my home would mean that I couldn't care for my children on the weekend, and as a mother that would be devastating. I'm working again, and now that I've had COVID, I'm hoping I will have immunity and will be able to keep working consistently. I would be so grateful for this assistance because it will allow me to remain in my children's lives, and as a mother, there's nothing more important to me than that. Thank you all in advance for this assistance, and I promise to do my absolute best to pay your kindness forward.

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