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Please Help Me Keep My Internet On! I Lost Work Due to My Compromised Immune System & Need Help!

My Story:

I'm a single man, and I live on my own and work hard to provide for myself. However, it's been a struggle to do that through the pandemic because I have a compromised immune system. I have multiple myeloma and mild kidney disease, so during the pandemic I wasn't able to work at all. Even now, the side effects and flare ups keep me out of work on a regular basis, affecting my ability to earn a stable income. I was able to secure short-term disability assistance for a while, but those have been exhausted, and I can't keep up with my monthly bills as a result.

I've been having to pick and choose what bills to pay, and that's left me short on a couple of bills now. The one that I'm most concerned with is my phone and internet bill because without those services, I won't be able to keep in touch with my job or my family. It's also the most pressing bill that I have to deal with too because I'm just weeks away from having it shut-off. With that said, I desperately need help with keeping my phone and internet on. With this support, I'll be able to get current on my bills, and most importantly, I'll be able to keep my job. Despite my compromised immune system and the side effects I'm dealing with, I'm hopeful that I can get back to work and get enough hours to keep up with all of my bills. In the meantime, I would appreciate this assistance more than I can put into words, and I promise that I will never forget the kindness that I'm shown.

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