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My Eye Sight is Slowly Deteriorating, & I Need Help Affording New Glasses Please!

My Story:

I am a single, kind-hearted, working lady with no children. I love to play softball and enjoy working and being with people who have compassion for others. I work full-time, and I've always had to work hard to support myself but have always managed to do so.

The pandemic has been especially tough on my finances because I was furloughed from my job three separate times. I've been playing catch up on most of my bills since then, and on top of that, I've been dealing with medical issues related to my eyes. I do not have vision coverage from my job, and I have been experiencing increasingly severe problems with my vision. Progressive eyeglasses are very expensive for me to afford, due to the high prescription needed to correct my vision enabling me to see and go about my daily personal and work life. I can't afford these glasses, while also trying to keep up with my monthly bills. To be honest, I'm struggling to even do both, and I've fallen behind on my car payment as well. I'm very humbly asking for assistance with getting new prescription glasses and catching up on my car payments.

Both of these things are vital to me being able to continue to do my job, so it would be huge for me to receive this assistance. I'll be able to keep my car so that I can get to work, and I'll be able to keep my vision so that I can live my life independently. It would be such a blessing to receive this assistance, and I promise that I will do my best to pay the kindness and generosity that I'm shown forwards to another individual in need. Thank you to everyone who helps me keep my car, and more importantly, my vision. I will never forget this.

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