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I Need Help Keeping My Home After Losing My Husband to Cancer!

My Story:

I'm a widowed woman, and I'm still grieving the loss of my husband to cancer in 2019. It has been very difficult for me to get by on my own since his passing, and while I've tried my best to manage my finances, losing him has been a big blow to me both emotionally and financially. We relief on each other for everything, and we were each very much one half of a whole. So, when he passed, I lost my other half both figuratively and literally because he accounted for half of our yearly income. We had just moved into a new home, and only a month later, he passed away from cancer.

Now, I'm in a very difficult situation financially because I'm not making enough to pay my bills. Despite being an essential worker in a hospital, and despite the fact that I've been fighting COVID and assisting patients for the better part of two years now, I can't afford my bills. Through the entire time that I've been working during the pandemic, the actual staff at the hospital haven't seen hardly a penny's worth of wage increases while the administration all make a hefty salary. My coworkers and I have asked the hospital's HR representative to meet, but they haven't even responded at all. While losing my husband and his income has taken a huge toll on me financially, the fact that my wages have remained completely stagnant while the cost of living has steadily risen is contributing to the hardship that I'm facing. I've struggled to keep up with my mortgage payments as of late, so I'm very humbly seeking assistance with that before I face foreclosure.

Getting this far caught up on my mortgage would be huge for me, and it will save my home for the foreseeable future. It would give me some much needed relief from the struggles that I've faced after losing my husband, and it will buy me some time to figure out what I need to do going forward to stay on track with all of my bills. I'm exploring some different options, and this generous assistance would give me a chance to find the best one for me. Thank you all in advance for this assistance, and I promise that I will do my best to keep pushing forward and to pay the kindness and generosity that I'm shown forward to someone else in need.

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