Paid 04/30/2022
Imminent Loss of Vehicle
Misc. Expense

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeMy husband Johnny and I are very grateful for modest needs and your donors we never knew there where people out there willing to take the time to read other people's problems and then not only give their time but their money to help us..this means the world to me I can only pay it forward as soon as I get back to work. Once again thank you very much

I Can't Get to Work Until My Truck is Repaired! My Family is Struggling & We Need Help Please!

My Story:

We're a married couple, and we're currently raising our two young grandchildren who are 4 and 5 years old. They've had difficult lives, but we're doing the best that we can to step up and make sure that they can finally have some stability to grow from. They're both wonderful children, and they're both exceptionally bright and energetic. My wife and I love having them around, and we're so thankful for them.

In the past few years, our family has faced a lot of hardship. We had to rebuild after Hurricane Michael destroyed our neighborhood, and then right when we were starting to get back on our feet again, the pandemic hit and took us a few steps back. My wife was working as a hairdresser at the time and managed to shift her business to our home. She's been doing that part-time but hasn't been able to recently because our water was cut off. Our roof is leaking and causing us serious problems with our utilities, which has caused our bills to skyrocket. On top of that, my truck recently broke down, and I've had a hard time getting it repaired while also trying to deal with our utility bills and while my wife hasn't been able to work. To be honest, we're struggling with a lot of our expenses, but getting these repairs done to my truck is the most important one because it's the only way I can get to and from work. So, for that reason, I'm very humbly asking for assistance with these repairs.

If I can get these repairs done, I can get back to working and providing for my family. I'll be able to get our roof fixed and our water turned back on so that my wife can work again. This assistance would be the key to getting us back on our feet again and back to a point where we're self-sufficient. More than anything though, it would give us a platform to provide our grandchildren with that stability and safety that they need to grow and develop. For that, we would be deeply grateful and would like to say 'thank you' in advance to everyone who lends us a hand with these repairs.

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