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I'm About to Start a New Job, but I Need Help Keeping Our Home in the Meantime Please!

My Story:

I am a grandmother of two beautiful grandkids. I'm their guardian, and they live with me full-time. My grandson is 7 years old, and my granddaughter is 4 years old. My grandson is excelling in his academics and loves technology, vehicles, and art. My granddaughter is a gifted gymnast whose absolute joys are her friends and family. Both of my grandchildren are so wonderful, and it's a pleasure and a privilege to raise them.

Due to COVID-19, I was laid-off from my place of employment. I was able to receive unemployment for a period of time, but once unemployment stopped, I began to struggle with paying my bills. I have completely depleted my savings and maxed out all of my credit cards in order to maintain our living situation. However, I've been searching for work every single day, and I've finally found a job that will work for me and allow me to keep our bills paid. Still, without anything coming in right now, we're struggling to keep pace with our rent, and we've fallen behind by about a month. I'm worried that we're going to be evicted before I'm able to begin my new job and start collecting a paycheck.

I'm humbly seeking assistance with our rent so that we don't lose our home while I'm waiting to return to work. This assistance will keep us in our homes until I'm able to begin my new job and get us back on our feet. My biggest fear in the world is that my grandchildren and I become homeless because we truly have nowhere to go other than a homeless shelter if that happens, and that's no place for two young children to be. This act of kindness would ensure that we avoid that fate, and for that, we would be eternally grateful to everyone who assists us with keeping our home. I know that with this generous support we will make it back to where we were before the pandemic, and once we do, I promise that I will do everything I can to repay the compassion we're shown.

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