Paid 02/21/2022
Temporary Loss of Income

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI thank you so much for helping my family at our time of need. I cried when I got the email that said I was approved. I can't believe how caring and generous you are. This is something that I will never forget and I will try my best to repay your kindness by helping others whenever I can. again, thank you thank you thank you!

Our Car Is too Dangerous to Drive, but We need Help Affording the Repairs Please!

My Story:

My husband and I have three amazing children together, 6-year-old twin girls and an 11-year-old son. I work at a pet store and take care of the animals there, which is a dream come true for me because I love animals. Currently, my husband works for Bob Evans, but before that, he was working elsewhere and lost his job when the pandemic hit. The business he was working for shut down and never reopened its doors, so he had to take a different, lower-paying job just so we could make ends meet.

For the longest time we were getting rides from our neighbor because we couldn't afford to get a vehicle of our own. She was a great friend to us and to our children, but she sadly moved away recently. So, we decided that we needed to try to get a vehicle of our own somehow. Thankfully, we were able to use some of our child tax credit money to buy a new vehicle. However, we immediately started having problems with it. The brakes went out while our children were in the car, and it was terrifying! Then, I found an oil leak, and on top of that, it needs a new bumper for it to pass inspection. We were already living on a tight budget before our vehicle needed repairs, so we can't afford to make most of them and need help.

I'm humbly asking for help with these repairs on behalf of my family because without them, we don't have any way of getting to the places we need to go like school, work, or even the grocery store. We're stuck right now, and we're really struggling. I'm afraid that if we can't get the car out of the repair shop, then my husband and I will lose our jobs. Thanks to this assistance, my family would be independent again and able to get to where we need to go. We would be deeply grateful for this support, and I promise to do my best to pay it forwards in the near future.

As of 2022-02-21, this application has been fully funded!

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Application Status Update: On 2022-02-23, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $747.93 to Flynn's Tire & Auto Service on behalf of this deserving individual.