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I've Lost Work to the Pandemic & Need Help Keeping My Car Please!

My Story:

I'm a divorced father of one daughter, and I have split custody with my daughter's mom. We co-parent but during the pandemic, she has been mostly with me because my jobs have halted for a while. I've been on and off unemployment the last two years and have been getting less and less as they have cut the federal boosts out. Professionally, I'm a camera man; however, I have sold a lot of the camera equipment I used to use in order to make ends meet, and I've used that along with a bit of unemployment I receive when I don't have a photo job in order to get by. Daycare is extremely expensive, so my daughter is with me a lot. Although I love and cherish our bonding time, I have a hard time with my expenses due to having such little income now.

I am in great fear of losing my vehicle. It is my workhorse, and it's what I use for gigs. It's the only car I have access to, and without it, I don't have any way of getting around to work or to take my daughter where she needs to go. They paused my payments during the pandemic, but that pause has ended, and now I'm just weeks away from losing my only means of transportation. I'm very humbly asking for assistance with catching up on my car payments before it's repossessed.

If I lose my car, I'll lose one of the main tools I need to work and take care of my daughter. I'm hoping that my work will start to pick up again soon, but until then, I would be very grateful for this assistance with keeping my only vehicle, and it would be such a huge help to me and my daughter. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read our story, and I promise to never forget the generosity we're shown in our time of need.

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