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I Lost My Job to COVID & Need Help Keeping My Heat & Lights on Please!

My Story:

I live on my own and support myself entirely on my own as well. However, that's been hard for me to do after I lost my job due to the pandemic. I was laid-off from work, and even when I was working, I was pretty much getting by paycheck to paycheck. At this point, I've exhausted my unemployment assistance, and Ontario Works doesn't cover enough for me to pay my rent, let alone all the bills that I have in addition to it. I've been picking and choosing what I'm able to pay, and I've fallen behind on my electric bill as a result.

I'm working hard to find work again, but with another wave of lockdowns, it's going to be difficult. In the meantime, I'm really worried about having my power shut-off. I'm already in a dispute with my landlord over rent, but if my power is shut-off in addition to that, I'll have to move. I can't really afford to move, but if I'm forced out of my home due to losing power or due to my landlord evicting me, I don't have anywhere to go. This assistance would buy me the time that I need to get back to working, and it would allow me to keep my power on through the winter as well, which is vital in Canada during the winter. I would be very appreciative of this assistance, and I promise to pay it forward in the near future. Thank you.

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